Muhammad Ali Mojaradi was born to Iranian immigrant parents in Michigan and raised there. At age fifteen, despite the protests of his family, he moved to Tehran where he lived with his grandparents and attended high school.

In 2015 he moved back to the United States and studied Economics and Middle Eastern studies at the University of Michigan while working as a researcher and Persian translator.

While studying, he learned Persian poetry formally for the first time and founded @persianpoetics as a part-time hobby, hoping to expose his friends to the world of Persian poetry. He also chose the pen name ‘sharghzadeh’ meaning ‘struck by the east’ in Persian, a play on words with the famous term ‘gharbzadeh.’

Saʿdi’s grave in Shiraz, Iran.

Petra, Jordan.

After completing his studies at the University of Michigan, he traveled to Jordan where he studied Arabic at Qasid Arabic Institute and Jordan University. The Covid 19 pandemic forced him to cut his studies short and return to America after initially planning to remain in Jordan to continue his study of Arabic and Islam.

Upon returning to America, he began to work on @persianpoetics full-time, eventually launching the viral #rumiwasmuslim campaign, attracting international media attention. Following popular demand, Muhammad began working on his first book, a translation of Rumi’s poetry, which is now forthcoming. In 2020 he decided that he would return to Tehran to locate rare books and further study Persian poetry while immersed in the Persianate tradition.

In 2021 Muhammad began teaching Persian privately, and shortly afterward he began hosting live courses, first teaching a general introduction to Persian poetry, followed by a study of Saʿdi’s Gulistān, Saʿdi’s Pand-Nāma, and then a course focused on Female poets. He is currently teaching a course focused on Book One of Rumi’s magnum opus the Masnawi.

He is available to host talks, lectures, and courses focused on Persian poetry. Muhammad also accepts translation projects of all kinds. For any type of inquiry, you can contact him via Twitter or email: mmojarad(at)umich(dot)edu.

Rumis famous ‘Song of the Reed’ in Tehran, Iran.